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About Ecological Landscape Design and Restoration


Design of the landscape can harmonize our relationship with the natural environment while creating a sense of place and cultural identity. Designed spaces should support the characteristic biodiversity of the region and involve multifunctional living landscapes. Andrew Capelluti is interested in addressing green infrastructure practices that mitigate environmental impacts and encourage self-sufficiency. He works closely with clients to create spaces that they enjoy and care about.

Andrew Capelluti was a featured Garden Pro on the 2020-2021 10th Anniversary Cape Elizabeth Garden Tour. His garden designs featured "unique plants that beautifully define outdoor living spaces and help protect the environment."

As a Garden Pro, Andrew "has planted more than 200 species, established a natural lawn, reintroduced estuarine grasses, and addressed the nutritional needs of the family all while planting species that benefit wildlife, increase soil nitrogen, form a windbreak, and more. Details like growing conditions, genetic diversity, microclimate, and accessibility are thoughtfully considered; modifications are made over time and carefully observed."

Andrew Capelluti earned a Master's Degree in Landscape Architecture from The University of Massachusetts.

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