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Additional Projects

  • Food Forest Hedgerow

  • Edible Landscaping

  • Street Fronts and Sidewalk Plantings

  • Seasonal Planters

  • Growth and Maintenance Assistance

Ecotone Hedgerow

A ecotone is an area of transition between two ecological communities, such as a hedge and a lawn. Sometimes called conservation buffers or living fences, hedgerows create a semipermeable sinusoidal edge that promotes wildlife movement and habitat, privacy fences that reduces noise, dust and chemical drift, enhances ecological biodiversity, and improves soil. Hedgerows can create opportunities for edible gardens, erosion and wind control, and year-round beauty.

Street Fronts and Sidewalk Gardens

Sidewalk gardens cultivate habitat for local wildlife and pollinators,
absorb rainwater runoff, help offset carbon emissions, while contributing
towards a natural community connection and aesthetic.
Herbaceous perennials transform the sidewalk into a public-private
garden path. Using riverstone adds a visually interesting sense of
local geology while suppressing weeds.

Fall Plants

Flowers and plants that grow in the Fall season.

Spring Plants

Flowers and plants that grow in the Spring season.

Summer Planting

Flowers and plants that grow in the Summer season.

Additional Gardens: Services
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